Residential lights

Custom-designed luminaires for Mánesova residence in Prague, 2021

Studio Dechem has created the total light design of the common spaces for a magnificent Art Nouvau residence in the centre of Prague. The refined collection of the hand blown glass chandeliers features the simple but sophisticated aesthetics characteristic for Dechem, as well as the decent colour gradientin the glass. The light pink gradation color even enhanced this distinctive feature, as it has been the highlight and best-selling colour, especially on the Bandaska vase. When combined with the polished brass construction, it creates a highly elegant piece of which form was created by abstracting the ornamental motives of the interior and translating them into the contemporary language that well contrasts with the Art Nouveau space and its decorative stucco on the ceilings and on the walls.Right at the entrance the attention belongs to the large glass chandelier with 4-armed brass construction and 12 hand blown glass capsules, evenly distributed around its cente.Similar morphology pervades the entire house and is repeated on each floor in the form of a simple glass pendant light with a large hand blown glass oval lampshade. The top floor corridor is decorated with the two-armed luminaire with a sophisticated detail in the connection of the glass based on the Art Nouveau aesthetics.


Photography: Alex Vyroubal