The Vivid Glass Universe collection presented during Milan Design Week at Fiera Milano.  

The Makers Show exhibition approched DECHEM studio with an offer to present their work at Supersalone, the special Salone del Mobile event curated by Stefano Boeri, dedicated to designers from all over the world.

For this special occasion, DECHEM created Vivid Glass Universe, the collection celebrating various glass textures created by different manufacturing techniques.

The centerpiece was represented by the wall-mounted Universe Glass Object, that puts together various expressive materials such as lithyalin glass, reflective mirror glass, fused glass with bubbles and the brass hoop backlit with LED strip, creating a rich and vibrant collage.

Another distinctive element from the collection is a low Infinity Lithyalin Table using a construction from brushed brass to highlight a massive piece of marble-like lithyalin glass, reminiscent of the depth of the universe.

The whole display was topped up with Vase 19 and Vase 20, combining two different glass colours – on the vase‘s
top and bottom, gradually dissolving one into another.

Universe Glass Object
w 95 cm x h 90 cm, 10 kg
lithyalin glass, bronze coated glass, fused glass with bubbles, brushed brass

Infinity Lithyalin Table
w 45 cm x h 45 cm x d 27 cm, 20 kg
lithyalin glass, brushed brass

BIG Ø 20 cm x h 30 cm, 1.5 kg
SMALL Ø 14 cm x h 20 cm, 1 kg

BIG Ø 18 cm x h 29 cm, 1.5 kg
TALL Ø 18 cm x h 37 cm, 2 kg


Photography: Karin Zadrick & Matteo Bellomo